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Course description

The recent statistics show that in the last few years, the ration of customers giving a preference to the usage of Amazon Web Services (AWS) has grown exponentially. In fact, these days, customers are using Amazon Web Services (AWS) to perform a faster, more accessible applications at lower IT costs. AWS is a developing cloud computing program from, and in the current scenario, there has been a high demand for professionals possessing a good knowledge about the platform and Amazon’s cloud computing service. We are one of the leading authorized training partners of AWS in Chennai to offer Amazon Web Services (AWS) training and certification. The course has been designed to facilitate students nurture their skills in deploying, developing and operating applications in the cloud. Once you are through with the course, you will be able to successfully clear the AWS Certified Solutions Architect (CSA) - Associate Exam. No matter, even if you are new in this domain or have prior experience, by getting your AWS certification, you can expect a great future in your IT career.


Course overview

The course is going to be very handy for all those individuals who want to gain knowledge about how to optimize the usage of the AWS cloud by accepting AWS services. Also, the course would help you understand how these services fit efficiently into cloud-based solutions. Our instructors will ensure that after the completion of this course you will be able to:


•    Design and deploy available, and fault tolerant systems on AWS

•    Export a prevailing on-premise application to AWS

•    Access and outflow the required data to and from AWS

•    Make an appropriate decision on the selection of AWS service based on data, or security requirements

•    Recognizing suitable usage of AWS architectural most exceptional practices

•    Valuing AWS expenses and identifying cost control mechanisms


After completing this course, you are going to be an asset to any organization, helping an adequate implementation of best practices around advanced cloud-based solutions.


Who should take this course? 

The course is ideal for you if you are looking forward to pursuing a career in Cloud computing or develop Cloud applications with AWS. Please note that to enroll in this course, all that you require is just a basic knowledge of cloud computing, as it can prove very helpful but not required. Moreover, the certification is most suited for:


•                    App Builders

•                    Developers

•                    System Administrators

•                    Cloud Representatives